Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet Marketing Trend

Conventional tools of marketing have undergone a sea change. Businesses are gradually moving away from them realizing that they do not work so well in the present times. Besides that, cost is another hindrance. Most people would vouch for the fact that even the cost of printing a set of quality brochures is quiet high and not affordable for many start-up companies.

In contrast to the conventional tools, online marketing or Internet Marketing is now gaining tremendous popularity. There are various reasons for this shift in trend. First and foremost is the fact that Internet Marketing is something that is within reach for most businesses. It does not matter whether the business is small, medium or large. The exact techniques do differ as per the budget and affordability. However the fact remains that some form of Internet Marketing is available to even a freelancer, and definitely to a small business.

Within the fold of Internet Marketing, there are various tools that a company can adopt including display advertising, email marketing, viral marketing and of course SEO/SEM. They are all common in terms of their platform, yet different in the way they work.

• SEO is not strictly a marketing tool, yet something that has almost become essential for any new website that enters the big bad world of the World Wide Web.

• Email marketing remains the most popular among all companies - big and small, due to various benefits such as speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

• Display advertising is especially useful while launching a new product or service.

• Viral marketing is probably the most inexpensive way of connecting to a large web audience.

The message is clear. Internet Marketing is here to stay. All that matters is the right kind of strategy and approach to get the best results.

Author:- Jack Albert is a dedicated writer writes for Instant Impact, which is a flash presentation company and also offers multimedia presentation.


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