Tuesday, October 14, 2008

prominent factors for Retail Softwares

This is in continuation to my previous Post where we discussed the prominent factors that differentiate organized retail to the conventional mom and pop stores.

Economies of scale: Most retail companies operate on a model in which the procurement is done centrally and in big volumes. As a result, the negotiation level with suppliers increases and the purchasing occurs on very low rates. This saving in costs is the main factor that determines the high levels of profitability of large retail stores.

Better quality: The benefit is not only in terms of costs but also in terms of quality. When the order amount is high, suppliers take it more seriously and concentrate on quality of their products. Moreover, the expectation of huge orders creates intense competition among suppliers and manufactures. As a result of this race, the efforts on quality improvement and innovation increase, thereby greatly benefiting the end customer.

Impressive range: Organized retail stores normally operate in large-sized spaces and also due to their high purchasing power, they are able to offer enormous ranges of products. This is another reason for their popularity among customers that they are able to provide much better variety under each segment.

Customer focus: Organized retail works on the concept of customer delight. Realizing the value of customer loyalty, various mechanisms are used in order to impress the customers. This involves a systematic approach towards client feedback and timely resolution to complaints. Sophisticated CRM applications are deployed in order to keep proper track of customer data and their purchasing behavior. This not only helps towards customer satisfaction but also enables the retail company to adapt better in terms of ever changing tastes and preferences of the customers.

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